Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneGoal?

OneGoal is a weekly soccer newsletter covering USMNT prospects as we approach the 2022 (and 2026) World Cup. We realized there was no easy “one stop shop” to learn about the future prospects of the US Men’s National Team, and decided to aggregate that information in a weekly newsletter in order to deliver a summary of how all of our players did in their respective games.

When do newsletters get sent out?

Newsletters are released every Tuesday morning.

How do I sign up?

You can go to, enter your email address, and click “Subscribe now.” Make sure to confirm your email address in your inbox!

I clicked subscribe, but I’m not receiving any emails

After you click “Subscribe now” on, make sure you go to your email inbox to confirm your email address. We can’t send you any emails until you confirm it’s really your email address

Does it cost money?

No, OneGoal is a completely free service.

Where can I find you online?

We have active social media pages, but we are most active on Twitter @onegoalus: